Request for Geotechnical Data

How can you help?
To properly assess these hazards, knowledge of subsurface geology and its parameters are required which can be achieved by the collection and analysis of geophysical and geotechnical information.

If you or your organization (municipal engineering department, engineering firm, etc.) has any of the following geophysical or geotechnical information, please contact the project’s geodatabase manager, Natalia Gomez Jaramillo ( Preference is for information at depths greater than 10 meters and in digital file format. We will accommodate any confidentiality concerns.

  • Stratigraphy or lithology at depths greater than 10 meters
  • Groundwater level or monitoring
  • Historical water channel (stream) maps and/or pre-construction aerial photos
  • Compression-wave or shear-wave velocity measurements
  • Standard penetration (blowcounts) or cone penetration (tip resistance, sleeve friction, etc.) measurements
  • Soil mechanics laboratory testing including gradation, Atternerg limits, shear strength tests, etc.