Summer 2020 Field Campaign

Summary of geotechnical data collection

  • Communication with organizations to share available data for summer field campaign planning.
  • A Western data sharing agreement was developed and shared with agencies upon request.

There is an ongoing effort to obtain available geodata from agencies and municipalities.

Field data collection

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the third project field campaign occurred in two parts throughout Surrey.
    • The first fieldwork campaign occurred from July 28 to August 21 2020. In compliance with travel restrictions related to COVID-19, two former UBC students that were trained and comprised our field crew in 2019 were hired to perform MHVSR measurements with remote supervision.
    • When travel and provincial restrictions on COVID-19 eased, a team of four Western personnel travelled to Vancouver to perform a second fieldwork campaign from August 26 to September 8 2020.
  • Over 352 MHVSR measurements were performed at locations in a ~600×600 m grid across Surrey in through July and August 2020.
  • During the second field campaign, multi-sensor seismic arrays including AVA and MASW were performed at 20 sites majority in Surrey with re-visits performed at 4 array sites elsewhere. During these re-visits compression-wave and shear-wave refraction surveys were performed.

Detailed processing and analysis is currently underway.

Locations of all 2020 field measurements